"Having contacted me after reading an article that appeared in the Jewish Chronicle, about the lack of support I was receiving through the LEA, Jamie has been working with my 7 year old son Chase since April 2011. At that time my son was receiving no Speech and language input of any significance and due to the fact that he was non-verbal, I knew I had to take things into my own hands as quickly as possible to try to give him a voice as his behaviour was getting worse as his frustrations mounted. To find a speech and language therapist is not difficult but I challenge anyone to find someone who is as committed, enthusiastic, professional and genuine as Jamie. From day one she has gone beyond the call of duty, helping me through some exceptionally challenging times, giving me whatever support was necessary to reduce Chase's fears and frustrations. She successfully introduced him to Makaton when I was told he didn't have the attention span or the eye contact to pick it up and develop it, it is now his mode of communication and thanks to Jamie I too have the skills to communicate with him. I feel exceptionally lucky to have Jamie working with Chase, always encouraging and motivating him to achieve his potential. Jamie was relatively newly qualified when we started seeing her and thank goodness because she had available time, now it's not a question of if we want her, it's whether she wants us!"

"We can’t recommend Jamie highly enough. She really understands children, what appeals to them and how to interact with them and as a result has achieved remarkable results with our daughter. She built such wonderful relationships with all three of our children that by the time our daughter was discharged from her care, they were in tears at the prospect of never seeing her again. We have referred so many people to Jamie and everyone who has used her is so appreciative to us for the recommendation. The fact that she is able to visit children in their homes was invaluable for us. It meant that our daughter was instantly comfortable in her own environment and it made the initial process much less nerve racking for her. Our daughter could barely make herself understood when she first started seeing Jamie but thanks to Jamie we now have a little chatterbox on our hands who is so much of a happier child as she can finally communicate effectively with people around her.

Thank you for everything Jamie – we can’t thank you enough."

"My daughter started nursery at age 2 and 2 months, when she was 2 and a half, the nursery pointed out that I should work on her speech and language skills, I made an appointment with my health visitor and we were referred to Speech and Language Therapy under the NHS, this gave me a good understanding of where we stood in regards to my daughter’s speech, and the severity of the problem. I contacted Jamie and she started weekly sessions with my daughter from September 2012, from the first session we had, Jamie made a huge impression on my daughter and myself. I could see she has a true passion for teaching children and her friendly, enthusiastic approach got my daughter hooked on her! When she knows Jamie’s coming she stands by the window, waiting for her car to pull in! Through her playful yet firm approach my daughter’s speech and language skills have improved tremendously, in a short period of time she is able to string sentences together and her comprehension has improved heaps too.

I thank Jamie for her ongoing support."

"I am so grateful to have been introduced to Jamie! Our four year old son started his reception year not being understood by his teachers or peers. Through weekly sessions with Jamie and with her advice and guidance to us, our sons’ speech developed so much so that we are constantly receiving comments from friends and family regarding his progress. Jake is doing well at school he is able to communicate effectively, this has boosted his confidence considerably. Jamie’s energy is infectious and makes her sessions so much fun! Jamie is flexible and adapts them to Jakes mood to ensure that the exercises are completed in a relevant fashion. We are so pleased with Jake’s progress and cannot thank Jamie enough!"